These 2 hook sizes are crucial for Crappie Fishing with Minnows (And Why)

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So you have decided to hit the lake and go fishing. You know you can pick up some minnows at the tackle store or even gather a few along the bank. It’s time to set up your minnow but now you find yourself asking “What hook size is best for crappie fishing with minnows?

A size 2 Aberdeen for large minnows and a size 4 Aberdeen hook for smaller minnows is going to be your best bet. These hook sizes are a bit larger, but smaller hooks commonly used for bluegill may rip out on Crappie due to their thinner metal and smaller gaps.

Crappie Fishing: Hook Size and Style Guide for Success

Choosing the Right Hook for Bigger Crappie Catches

Hooking crappie requires a balance between effective lure presentation and ensuring a good hookset. This guide dives into why hook size and style matter, helping you optimize your crappie fishing experience.

Understanding Hook Size:

  • Variations: Hook sizes differ slightly between brands. Consider the actual hook dimensions alongside the size number.
  • Factors to Consider:
    • Fish Size: Crappie in your area might be larger or smaller than average.
    • Bait Size: Match the hook size to your minnow length (e.g., #4 for 1-2 inch minnows).
    • Versatility: A #2 hook can be a good all-around choice for various minnow sizes.

Why Aberdeen Hooks Excel for Crappie:

  • Long Shank: Easier baiting, especially with minnows.
  • Thin Wire: Bends on snags, minimizing tackle loss and allowing for easy reshaping.
  • Wide Gap: Accommodates larger crappie mouths and thicker minnows.

Why Crappie Need Larger Hooks:

  • Minnow Preference: Crappie favor larger minnows and sometimes even small fish.
  • Big Mouths: Compared to sunfish, crappie have larger mouths for swallowing bigger hooks.
  • Jaw Vulnerability: Smaller hooks might rip out of the brittle jaw bone, losing your catch.

Hook Features: Consider Your Needs

  • Bait Barbs: Improve bait hold but cause more fish damage (not ideal for catch-and-release).
  • Hook Angle Twists: May affect lure presentation and action.
  • Unique Designs: Experiment to see if they enhance your fishing style.

The Final Reel:

For crappie fishing with minnows, stick with a size #4 or larger Aberdeen hook. Consider bonus features based on your priorities (e.g., prioritizing catch-and-release might make bait barbs less appealing).

Bonus Tip: When targeting particularly large crappie, a size #2 hook might be suitable for minnows exceeding 4 inches.

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